Cafes vs Restaurants

We just added a new restaurant category to DayTrip. We already had cafes, so you might be asking why we added restaurants? Well, in our eyes a restaurant and a cafe in Texas are very different. We made a handy little chart so you’ll know the difference:

Item Cafe Restaurant
Greeting Hey y’all Good evening
Plates Red baskets Breakable
Glasses Giant plastic cups Breakable
Napkins Paper (in a dispenser) Fabric
Tablecloths Checkered Fabric
Decor Old road signs Paintings by local artists
Tables Picnic Regular Tables
Water Tap Sparkling
Tea Sweet Hibiscus
Coffee Bottomless and black Mocha-something
Waiter/Waitress Calls you “hon” or “darlin” Calls you “Sir” or “M’am”
Food preparer Cook Chef
Appetizer Fried pickles Crab cakes
Salad Salad bar (possibly in an old wagon) Made from their own garden
Breakfast All-day Only for brunch
All the food is… Fried Locally-sourced
Steak Chicken Fried Ribeye
Sauce Gravy Can’t pronounce it
Ketchup Squeeze Bottle Glass Bottle
Specials Meatloaf Roasted duck
Dessert Pie and ice cream Creme brulee and wine
Payment Cash (with ATM nearby) Credit Card
Parking Gravel lot Valet