Watering Holes
(Clockwise from top left: Zelicks Icehouse, Neighbor’s Kitchen & Yard, and Albert Ice House)

There’s nothing like finding a nice spot to relax for a beer after a long day of hiking or swimming. While breweries are always a great choice, they can sometimes have weird hours or be too far out of the way. We think our new watering hole category will be just what the doctor ordered. Here are a few things we took into consideration when picking the perfect one:

  • Easy to get to
  • Close to other spots
  • Great local beer selection (bonus points for brewing their own beer)
  • Margaritas
  • Plenty of outdoor seating
  • Misters and/or fans outside
  • Outdoor games like washers or cornhole
  • A place for the kids to run around (bonus points for a playscape)
  • Great views
  • Some food to nibble on
  • Friendly, laid-back staff
  • Fire pits
  • Live music
  • Local establishment (no chains)
  • Pet friendly

As always, let us know if we misssed a spot.