New Breweries
(Clockwise from top left: Rentsch Brewery, Thirsty Planet Brewering Company, and Last Stand Brewing Company)

Breweries have always been one of our favorite categories, and we’re happy to add three new ones to the mix. Last Stand Brewing Company opened it’s doors in 2015, and is only a mile past Jester King on Fitzhugh Road. It was recently voted the “Best New Brewery” by the Austin Beer Guide. After adding Last Stand, we decided to go ahead and add Thirsty Planet Brewering Company as well. Although technically in Austin, it’s right off Highway 290 on the way to Jester King and Last Stand. We think it would make a killer trifecta of breweries to visit on a lazy Saturday.

Rentsch Brewery is a new up-and-coming brewery in Georgetown, also opening in 2015. We think it would be a great 1-2 punch with 600 Degrees Pizzeria & Drafthouse.